BC Stream RX 159 46-54 / 52-60
BC Stream

BC Stream RX 159 46-54 / 52-60

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BC Stream RX

Carving All-round Freeride ■ A free carving model with an attractive turn performance that is unimaginable considering the length of the
carving board, which is exceptionally deep and sharp . The carefully calculated taper and side curves for the characteristic board length absorb large centrifugal forces, allowing you to experience deep and sharp carving like you've never experienced before. The board's suppleness, which takes advantage of its full length, creates maneuverability and stability that make you feel like it's long, allowing you to draw deep, sharp turns at any slope or speed range. 54N/59N are narrow waist models for ladies. Two insert patterns are available for 59/64/69/74 to accommodate a variety of stance widths.

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