Deeluxe TEAMID KB LTD 2022
Deeluxe TEAMID KB LTD 2022

Deeluxe TEAMID KB LTD 2022

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Whether he’s slaying kickers, boosting side hits, or buttering knuckles, Kevin Backstrom oozes style. Yet his creativity transcends the snow, as he’s also a gifted designer. We gave Kevin the chance to reimagine his favorite DEELUXE model—the TeamID—to develop his first signature colorway. Like the flaming roses that adorn it, the boot provides an unexpected blend of power and grace. With a mid-soft flex, this freestyle boot is perfect for riders who want out-of-the-box comfort but still demand support. Equipped with L3 lacing—our most advanced and versatile speed lacing system—the TeamID KB offers enhanced heelhold and exceptional board control. Its grippy Skate Flex sole further improves boardfeel. And this season, we’re making the iconic TeamID even better by infusing it with our all-new Freestyle Tongue and Stage 3 liner. With no shortage of style, the TeamID KB is worthy of its namesake—and worthy of your feet.

Riding Style: Freestyle
Flex: 5/10 - Medium
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Lacing System: Quick Pull


For a truly custom fit, Thermo Flex liners are heat moldable. They must be placed in a special oven that is heated to between 90-110 °C. While cooling, the liners are fitted to your feet and will retain their form. For additional comfort and support, liner precision fit pads can be strategically placed on your feet during the custom fitting process. And instead of offering security only at the shin, Thermo Flex liners provide extra support in the ankle area thanks to their external heel harness. DEELUXE Thermo Flex liners can be refitted up to 10 times. 


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