Exile EX0 E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard Hybrid Shape
Exile EX0 E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard Hybrid Shape
Exile EX0 E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard Hybrid Shape

Exile EX0 E-Glass Epoxy Skimboard Hybrid Shape

Regular price $2,880.00

Here at Exile Skimboards we are constantly striving to meet the needs of all skimboarders world wide. While we pride ourselves on building the best high performance skimboards on the planet, not everyone needs high performance and the price tag that comes along with it...

For years we have been working to develop a solid entry level skimboard that is affordable yet still fully functional for beginner and intermediate riders.  After many trials and errors we have refined a product worthy of our name, and your trust!

The EX0 is an economical E-Glass EPOXY constructed skimboard, with a clean, seam free rail line.  It is available in 3 sizes that will fit most riders.

Available Sizes:

  • 44" (5/8") weight limit* - 70kg Up to 150LBS
  • 48" (5/8") weight limit* - 85kg Up to 170LBS
  • 52" (3/4'') weight limit* - 100kg Up to 190LBS

Key Features of the EX0 Model:

  • E-Glass Epoxy Construction
  • 3 Sizes to fit most riders
  • Seamless Rail
  • Superb High Gloss Finish
  • Multiple Colors and Designs

*Weight limits are subject to riders ability, skill level, and skimboarding conditions. The maximum weight limit is for sand sliding purposes only. If you are at or near the maximum weight limit and wish to perform more advanced maneuvers such as wave riding, it's advisable to move to a larger size board in these models.

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