Footprint Gamechangers Custom Orthotics 3mm

Footprint Gamechangers Custom Orthotics 3mm

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Color: Light Grey Camo

Recommended for people with low/fallen arches/flat feet with pre existing joint pains or people with mid arches who want serious protection and added balance. This is the ultimate joint support. Gamechangers have a very firm custom arch, which is necessary to fully support the arch which then keeps the knees fully aligned. It also prevents pain from primo. Gamechangers will also give you more power, stability, endurance and balance.
  • 3mm thick - to fit dress shoes and shoes with thin stock insoles
  • Recommended for flat to mid arch
  • Cover from heel to toe with artificial cartilage foam which absorbs up to 90% of impact energy
  • Gamechangers have a very firm custom arch which is necessary to fully support the arch that keeps the knees fully aligned
  • Benefits of a real custom orthotic - Normally, as the muscles in your foot get tired or when taking heavy impacts, your arches will start to collapse. This leaves you prone to injury and soreness as your joints stop working in alignment. Gamechangers:
    • Increase balance
    • Stop the arch from collapsing (overpronation)
    • Increase performance time
    • Prevent arthritis from uneven cartilage wear
    • Prevent acute injury such as torn ACL
    • Full durability with toe stitching and forefoot pad fabric protection.


    1. Heat in the oven - Preheat Oven to 225F or 110C (DO NOT USE MICROWAVE). Insert insoles for 5-8 minutes or until arch is soft.
    2. Molding Process - The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.
    • Wear socks and remove shoe insoles
    • Place the FP insoles in shoe and walk for 5-10 minutes or until arch becomes firm
    • Use caution, insole will be hot. If insole feels too hot, allow it to cool to tolerable temp
    • If using a toaster oven, keep insole away from heating elements and check for overheating as toaster ovens do not accurately control even temp
    • Do not attempt to mold if insole has been punctured or damaged
    • Remold to new shoes - Many shoes have different widths so buying a custom orthotic from a lab will achieve different results in different shoes. Gamechangers can simply be remolded to new shoes.
    • Customers assume all liability and Footprint Insole Technology is not liable for any injury as a result of using this product, negligent or otherwise.
    Size Guide
    US Men Size UK EUR JAPAN
    3.5/4 35.5/36 22/22.5
    4.5/5 37.5/38 23/23.5
    5.5/6 38.5/39 24/24.5
    6.5/7 40/40.5 25/25.5
    8/8.5 7.5/8 41/42 26/26.5
    8.5/9 42.5/43 27/27.5
    9.5/10 44/44.5 28/28.5
    10.5/11 45/46 29/29.5
    11.5/12 46.5/47 30/30.5
    • For women's sizing, simply add 2 sizes up. Ex. a men's 4 is a women's 6.
    • Trimming: you can trim the toe to fit up to a half size below. If using narrow shoes, you can trim the side of the insole opposite the arch.

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