MOSS 23-24 JELLY FISH 156cm
MOSS 23-24 JELLY FISH 156cm
MOSS 23-24 JELLY FISH 156cm

MOSS 23-24 JELLY FISH 156cm

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Moss Jellyfish

Showcasing our innovative Step Back Rocker system, the surfboard-inspired Jellyfish offers agile and authentic surf-like back foot control, allowing for seamless and creative cutbacks unlike anything you've experienced before. With its extended rockered nose and fishtail outline, the Jellyfish ensures effortless float and cotrol in powder, while the wing component delivers locked-in traction and unwavering stability during high-speed carving. Experience new snowsurf sensations—simply imagine the turns you crave, and let the Jellyfish materialize them.


The Step Back Rocker profile features a tail rocker that starts at the waist of the board, integrating a micro-camber beneath your rear foot. This innovative system allows for agile, surf-like back foot control, enabling perfect cutbacks and creative pivots.



Core: Poplar & Bamboo

Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite

Length: 1560 mm

Running Length: 800 mm

Effective Edge: 1070 mm

Sidecut Radius: 8800/6600 mm

Nose Width: 310 mm

Waist Width: 270 mm

Tail Width: 300 mm

Stance Width: 540 mm (500-580 mm)

Set Back: -60 mm

Profile: Step Back Rocker 3 mm

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