Moss C3 140cm 2025 Pre Order
Moss C3 140cm 2025 Pre Order

Moss C3 140cm 2025 Pre Order

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2025 C3 140cm 

Pre-Order -10% untill 30/6

Pre-Order estimated arrival dates are subject to change and out of our control. This product estimated arrival in late November, if any delays you will be notified as soon as possible.

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Snow, surf, skate, all in one. The C3 stands for "three channels"—its triple concave bottom tail, paired with the Fishbone core, adapts and provides a locked-in feeling on the snow like no other. This 140 cm short yet wide outline breaks through the myths and limitations of board length and size, offering not only high maneuverability and stability but, thanks to our innovative Step Back Rocker system, also aims to deliver surf-like back foot control. The C3 is a true game-changer—one of the most unique and versatile all-mountain boards that encapsulates the evolution of our snowsurf shapes.


Introducing the Fishbone Core—this groundbreaking design represents the future of snowsurf board craftsmanship, meticulously hand-built to emulate a swimming fish and synchronize with your movements across the terrain. Echoing the bones and flesh of a fish, this board combines hard, flexible, and soft elements to deliver the most natural riding experience possible. This world-first core structure results in lighter tips and tails, torsionally softer yet longitudinally stiff underfoot. The outcome is an incredibly agile and intuitive board that adapts to variable conditions like no other.




The Step Back Rocker profile features a tail rocker that starts at the waist of the board, integrating a micro-camber beneath your rear foot. This innovative system allows for agile, surf-like back foot control, enabling perfect cutbacks and creative pivots.




Core: Poplar, Bamboo & FBC Foam

Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite

Length: 1400 mm

Running Length: 960 mm

Effective Edge: 1050 mm

Sidecut Radius: 8000/5200 mm

Nose Width: 330 mm

Waist Width: 270 mm

Tail Width: 288 mm

Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)

Set Back: -50 mm

Profile: Step Back Rocker 1 mm

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