Moss Mahi 154cm 23-24
Moss Mahi 154cm 23-24

Moss Mahi 154cm 23-24

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Moss Mahi 154cm

The revolutionary Mahi model, conceived decades ago by Moss founder Shinzo Tanuma, remained unreleased until it was reimagined for the modern era. Featuring a world-first Flat 3D profile, this innovative design elevates the snowsurfing experience to new heights. The board transitions seamlessly from a nose rocker to a straight flat surface, culminating in a convex 3D structure towards the side and tail end. This hybrid construction delivers unparalleled freedom without compromising control, replicating surfing as closely as possible on the slopes. With the Mahi's playful flex and elongated bottom channels biting the snow, you'll feel as if you're carving through ocean waves. Immerse yourself in the true essence of snowsurfing with the Mahi.


The world first Flat 3D profile was born out of a desire to replicate surfing in the closest way possible. With its playful flex, the narrow flat base with long bottom channels minimizes snow contact making it extremely agile and responsive. This hybrid system gives you a true surf-like feeling of freedom and control on the snow like you have never experienced.



Shape: Naoto Kotsugai

Top Sheet: Poplar & Cherry

Core: Poplar & Bamboo

Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite

Length: 1540 mm

Running Length: 804 mm

Effective Edge: 1139 mm

Sidecut Radius: 8600 mm

Nose Width: 316 mm

Waist Width: 274 mm

Tail Width: 292 mm

Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)

Set Back: -20 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber 3 mm

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