Moss PQ 160cm 23-24
Moss PQ 160cm 23-24

Moss PQ 160cm 23-24

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Moss Performance Quad 60

If you could only take one board for snowsurf trips around the world, the Performance Quad Series would be the perfect choice. As surfer and snowsurfer Naoto Kotsugai's signature model, it embodies the essence of surfboard shaping from the ground up. The spooned-out convex nose ensures smooth contact and fast acceleration while delivering the desired buttery float. The aggressive edge hold offers outstanding stability, powering through hard carves in variable conditions. The double concave tail features two channels for snow, enhancing the locked-in feeling and board control while reducing spring wet snow suction and drag. With these innovative features, the Performance Quad Series rises to the top as the highest-performing board in our lineup.


A refined take on traditional directional camber, Snowsurf Camber positions the camber peak closer to the front foot for immediate, precise response and acceleration, simulating a front-foot surfing experience on the slopes.



Shape: Naoto Kotsugai

Core: Poplar & Bamboo

Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite

Length: 1600 mm

Running Length: 791 mm

Effective Edge: 1210 mm

Sidecut Radius: 10000/9000 mm

Nose Width: 302 mm

Waist Width: 258 mm

Tail Width: 289 mm

Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)

Set Back: -5.5 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber 4 mm

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