Moss Snowstick 70SW

Moss Snowstick 70SW

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70 Swallow


It’s not just a powder board. Yes, the shape of the Swallowtail was originally intended for powder, but Moss’s swallowtail has been designed to surf the entire mountain in all conditions. Further forward stance options and a longer effective edge gives the board a feel similar to a traditional snowboard. The width and length of the tails are relative to the difference riding styles that can be achieved with this board. The 50 and 58 have longer, flexible tails than the 62 and 70, giving the board a softer and more playful ride. Moving your weight back when finishing the turn, you can get the tail to bend, shortening the sidecut, making for a tighter turn. Staying more center on the board, those graceful, almost longboard like turns, can be handled with ease.

LENGTH: 1700

R. LENGTH: 911

EF. EDGE: 1230

SIDECUT: 10200/7300

NOSE/WAIST/TAIL: 327/277/307

STANCE WIDTH: 540 (480-600)


PROFILE: Snowsurf Camber (Compared with the traditional directional camber, the peak of the camber sits closer to the front foot, providing a quicker response and replicating front-foot surfing on the mountains)

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