Moss Snowstick U4

Moss Snowstick U4

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Moss Snowstick U4

The flagship and the original snowsurf shape. This board has remained relatively unchanged since the 80’s, why change a good thing? The name U Series comes from the convex shape of the nose, optimizing natural flow and maneuverability while creating more float in soft snow. The progressive sidecut provides an extra acceleration and response as well as stability, enabling smoother turn initiation and exit in all snow conditions. The rockered diamond tail holds an aggressive edge in deep bottom turns but can also produce looseness when unweighting the tail in top turns. Envision the turns you want and the U Series will make it happen.



Compared with the traditional directional camber, the peak of the camber sits closer to the front foot, providing a quicker response and replicating front-foot surfing on the mountains.





  • Poplar & Bamboo Core

Re-designed triple density Bamboo wood core that features primarily popular stringers with bamboo stringers positioned in the pocket of the sidecut for better edge response and turn power.



  • Sintered ISO Speed Graphite

Sintered snowboard racing base made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-pe), with high quality black graphite, modified with special fluor and paraffin base additives for better gliding in a wide range of conditions.



  • 45o Bias Woven Fiberglass

45o Bias Woven Fiberglass optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail fiberglass layer to reduce weight and fine tune torsional feel to achieve different ride characteristics. A 60° fiber angle creates a highly maneuverable and playful feel, while a 45° fiber angle provides a more aggressive ride.



  • ABS Sandwich Sidewall Construction

Not good for the environment. But extremely strong and durable.

Moss U4 19/20 Sizechart
Size 151
Radius (m) 8.28
Effective Edge (mm) 1016
Sidecut (m) 9.0/6.17
Nose Width (mm) 310
Waist Width (mm) 262
Tail Width (mm) 293
Setback (mm) -45

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