Moss U4 151cm 2024
Moss U4 151cm 2024

Moss U4 151cm 2024

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Moss U4 151cm 2024

The U Series represents Moss's flagship and original snowsurf shape, which has remained relatively unchanged since the 80s—and for good reason. The name "U" originates from the convex shape of the nose, designed to optimize natural flow and maneuverability while enhancing powder float. The progressive sidecut delivers improved acceleration and responsiveness, ensuring smooth and quick turn initiation and exit in variable conditions. The rockered diamond tail provides a powerful edge during deep bottom turns, while also making effortless cutbacks and top turns by unweighting the tail. From low-mid speed to challenging terrains, simply envision the turns you desire, and the U Series will bring them to life.


A refined take on traditional directional camber, Snowsurf Camber positions the camber peak closer to the front foot for immediate, precise response and acceleration, simulating a front-foot surfing experience on the slopes.



Core: Poplar & Bamboo

Base: ISO High-Speed Graphite

Length: 1510 mm

Running Length: 828 mm

Effective Edge: 1016 mm

Sidecut Radius: 9000/6170 mm

Nose Width: 310 mm

Waist Width: 262 mm

Tail Width: 293 mm

Stance Width: 520 mm (480-560 mm)

Set Back: - 45 mm

Profile: Snowsurf Camber 3 mm

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