Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of Shift 2021
Out Of

Out Of Shift 2021

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6 seconds lens interchange system

Cambio lente rapido maschera Out Of Shift

The Shift has a lens interchange system that is easy to use and incredibly quick. If the clouds suddenly decide to ruin a bluebird day, you can be ready with the perfect lens in just a few seconds.

You just need to open the lever on the left side of the goggle, lift the lens on the side of the lever to free it, and there you go: you're done.


Two Zeiss lensesåÊ

La maschera da Sci Out Of Shift con due lenti zeiss a 99euro

You can have the Shift with two Zeiss lenses, one for sunny days and one for bad weather conditions.

To always have the perfect lens for any light condition is priceless!


Available also with the mythical The One lenses

Maschera da sci Out Of Shift disponibile con lenti Zeiss o con le lenti speciali fotocromatiche polarizzate The One

You can have the Shift with the mythical, photochromic and polarized The One lenses!

These lenses are designed to work well in all conditions. They actively change darkness and color according to the ambient light; furthermore, they are polarized to reduce the scattering effect in foggy conditions and to eliminate annoying reflections on the ground.


Main lens: The One Loto

  • Photochromic, polarized ,pink mirror, transparency varies from lime green to light brown
  • S2/S3
  • Ideal for: From sunny to slightly foggy, variable weather days

Other characteristics

  • Super quick lens interchange system (6 seconds)
  • Inner silicone grips with fading texture on the strap's inner side
  • Dual-Frame construction
  • Cylidrical lens
  • Made in Italy
  • Optimized fitting
  • Helmet compatible
  • Microfiber pouch included for protection and cleaning
  • Full perimeter ventilation
  • 100% UV protection
  • Field of view: 196å¡ horizontal, 4.76 solid Sterads
  • Foam: Hypoallergenic triple density with moisture wicking fleece
  • Double layer anti-fog lens: yes
  • Anti-fog treatment (standard 8 sec.): 77 sec.
  • Dimensions: 175mm x 101mm x 77mm
  • Weight: 124g

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