Waxx 304105 H B.S Miami15' Sunset(H2)

Waxx 304105 H B.S Miami15' Sunset(H2)

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The Sunset swim shorts and their palm trees + Sunset + Flamingos pattern exude summer. This swimsuit has an inside mesh, 2 side pockets and a back pocket with Velcro. Take advantage of its semi-elasticated waist to match comfort and style as well as a beige and navy blue braided drawstring and a small pocket at the top right of the boardshort to put your key or just for style.

  • Quickdry® for quick drying
  • SolidColor® for infinite washing, without color loss
  • Inner thread


    74% Polyester - 20% Cotton - 6% Elastane
    2 Way Stretch
    Machine Wash At 30°C
    MKP Age
    V000004: Adult
    MKP Plus Size
    V000008: No
    MKP Pattern PAP
    V000026: Printed
    MKP Printed
    V015594: Yes
    MKP Clothing Material
    V000022: Synthetic
    MKP Comfort Tip
    Elasticated Waist
    Waist Height

    Size Chart

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