YOW x Christenson Hole Shot 33.85″ (H1)

YOW x Christenson Hole Shot 33.85″ (H1)

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Complete Surfskate

  • Size: 33.85″ x 9.85″ x 17″ WB
  • Trucks: YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver
  • Wheels: YOW URA 66x51mm 76A RAW White
  • YOW System: Meraki (S5)
  • Concave: High
  • Rocker: Tail & Nose Rocker

Our own version of Chris’s Hole Shot surfboard translates the essence of the board into a surfskating language. Although the Hole Shot 33.85” outline does not have much to do with the surfboard’s outline, the riding experience is almost identical. The board is molded with rocker in nose and tail and high concave, attributes that will help you take your surfskating to the next level while keeping your feet glued to the board, and designed with a short wheel base (17”) for more reactivity. This board is the go to board for riders looking for a board to perform sharp slides and tight turns with. Mounted with the Meraki (S5) system and 66x51mm 80A (mid) wheels which gives you enough grip to perform controlled turns, while still helping you to execute slides.

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